We spoke to Miriam Ueberall, Head of R&D International at The Kraft Heinz Company to find out what is driving their current innovation strategy and how we can learn from Covid-19 in adapting and delivering a portfolio which meets the needs of consumers in different contexts.

What is your mission? What’s driving your innovation focus?

Miriam Ueberall, The Kraft Heinz Company

As a socially responsible global food company, The Kraft Heinz Company is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and protecting the planet’s natural resources for future generations. Developing great tasting, nutritious food is at the core of our R&D efforts.

Is open innovation part of your strategy, how do you work with innovators and what partner profiles are you looking to connect with?

Collaborating with external parties in longstanding partnerships is essential for The Kraft Heinz Company. We continuously assess opportunities for new partnerships, and have significantly stepped up our attention to driving open innovation.

Why is it important that Future Food-Tech is taking place in September for the global food-tech ecosystem?

As one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, we have a significant role to play to ensure our portfolio of strong brands and delicious products delivers to consumer expectations around the world. Staying connected and assessing the impact of Covid-19, and spending time in discussions on what adaptations are required to providing for eating occasions at home, in restaurants or on the go, is essential in this context.

Why is your panel discussion ‘new priorities to navigate the storm’ an important discussion to be having for the industry?

The food industry has a huge obligation to ensure availability of responsibly produced offerings at affordable price points. Covid-19, the climate crisis, and expected economic downturns require an ongoing discussion on what it takes to keep focused on delivering the appropriate portfolio, and to continuously assess HOW to do this.

Miriam Ueberall, Head of R&D International, The Kraft Heinz Company will be speaking on the panel: Corporate Innovation: New Priorities to Navigate the Storm within ‘Track 1: Innovation Strategy’ on Friday, September 18 at Future Food-Tech.

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