Thursday September 28

A Workshop with Ginkgo Bioworks: De-risking and Accelerating Commercialisation of Proteins & Enzymes

Join the Ginkgo Bioworks team for an interactive Breakfast Workshop to explore new innovations in strain engineering for functional protein production.  Hear from the team about how R&D collaborations can unlock proteins and enzymes for higher quality and more economical food ingredients and products. Get insight into what a precision fermentation collaboration looks like and have your chance to ask the questions!

Sneha Srikrishnan, Director of Business Development, GINKGO BIOWORKS
Russ Heissner, Director of Business Development, GINKGO BIOWORKS
Brandon Lam, Associate Director of Business Development, GINKGO BIOWORKS

Nutrition Without Sacrifice: Creating Delicious, Healthy Foods for All
  • As push back against ultra-processed foods increases, how are companies across the food sector navigating the delivery of tasty, pleasurable food, whilst ensuring their products are nourishing and healthy for the consumer?
  • To what extent does processing impact nutritional quality, and should there be a different definition of ultra processed foods to distinguish between the healthy and unhealthy?
  • What innovative solutions are in the market to create healthier products, from infant formula, plant-based patties and sugar alternatives? What challenges do these processes present?
  • How does the sector ensure affordable and accessible food with scepticism around ultra-processed food, when new processes and technology are needed to feed the growing population?
  • How do platforms like Nutri-score provide measurement and accountability for the nutritional profile of foods, as well as improving consumer awareness and understanding of what’s in their food?

Session Chair:
Richard Zaltzman, Chief Impact Officer, EIT FOOD

Carla Hilhorst, Chief R&D Officer for Nutrition, UNILEVER
Sean Westcott, SVP R&D, Europe, PEPSICO
Claire Hughes, Director of Product Development & Innovation, SAINSBURY’S
Eric Archambeau, Co-Founder & Partner, ASTANOR VENTURES

Climate-Smart Food: Solutions to Reduce & Measure Environmental Impact
  • When it comes to tackling Scope 3 and reducing emissions across the supply chain, what strategies are companies taking to move the needle forward?
  • What innovations are being implemented to reduce carbon footprint, land and water usage across the food system?
  • What needs to be put into place for a standardised carbon footprint framework, and how can carbon neutral or carbon positive claims currently be defined?
  • How can environmental impacts be actively monitored, measured, and shared? What platforms and technologies are able to accurately track and measure the impact?
  • When will carbon labelling be seen on products and how will measurement technologies inform accurate labelling? To what extent are consumers motivated by carbon and climate claims? What is the best way to portray and communicate these through carbon labelling?

Session Chair:
Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme, Food Transformation Lead, WORLD BENCHMARKING ALLIANCE

Lloyd Mann, VP of Culinary & Global Executive Chef, SODEXO
Didier Toubia, Co-Founder & CEO, ALEPH FARMS
David Bryngelsson,

Networking Coffee Break
Fortification: Improving Bioavailability to Elevate Human Health
  • When it comes to fortifying foods to elevate human health, what are the missing nutrients that consumers need most, and how does this differ as you look across the world?
  • How are brands and innovators working to address deficiencies in fibre and iron, and how can they get the biggest bang for their buck?
  • What solutions can improve the bioavailability of molecules and ensure the consumer is able to absorb nutrients and maximise the benefits of fortified food?
  • What is the importance of scientific trials and testing when it comes to understanding how to achieve better bioavailability of nutrients? What are the main challenges?

Session Chair:
Gil Horsky, Founding Partner, FLORA VENTURES

Nora Khaldi, CEO & Founder, NURITAS
Jacqueline van Schaik, Global Lead Nutritionist, FONTERRA
Carole Bingley, Technical Specialist, RSSL
Ehsan Moaseri, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NULIXIR

Unlocking Consumer Acceptance: Delivering Tasty, Nutritious & Sustainable Meat & Fish Alternatives

Pierre-Alain Ceralli, Business Unit Director, DSM-FIRMENICH

A Turning Point for Plant-Based: Delivering on the Promise of Viable Alternatives
  • After a challenging year, what will industry growth look like for plant-based products? How can the sector ensure it delivers on the promise of plant-based products?
  • How are innovators leveraging fermentation and utilising functional ingredients to improve nutritional profiles and work towards clean label plant-based products?
  • Taste is king, so how are companies using technology, from 3D printing to incorporating alt-fats, to ensure that when it comes to taste, their products meet the promise as a meat alternative?
  • How do consumer preferences change in different regions, and how is the consumer cooking experience into account?
  • What are brands, restaurants and food service looking for in plant-based products, and what do their consumers want?

Session Chair:
Matt Reynolds, Senior Writer, WIRED

Anne Marie Butler, Global Director of Strategy and Innovation, EDLONG
Andy Shovel, Founder & Co-CEO, THIS
Sofia Ehlde, Executive Vice President, Food Innovation, OATLY
Fiona Bennie,
Managing Director – Sustainability Studio, ACCENTURE

Networking Lunch Break
Replenishing the Microbiome: Advancing Personalised Nutrition & Probiotics
  • The workings of the microbiome are complex and individual. What are the key challenges to understanding and replenishing the gut microbiome?
  • How can probiotics and fungi bolster the microbiome to improve the bioavailability of other nutrients?
  • How can AI help to accelerate discovery around digestibility and absorption to overcome the obstacles to truly personalise nutrition for the microbiome?
  • As probiotics are usually low margin commodities, what value can personalised nutrition bring for this space and how can it be monetised? How are larger food brands exploring personalising nutrition to replenish the microbiome?
  • What role does regulation and science-backed clinical trials play in making personalisation viable?

Session Chair:
Bill Liao, General Partner, SOSV

Richard Day, VP Medical Affairs & Clinical Development, ADM
George Hadjigeorgiou, Co-founder and President, ZOE
Caitlin Hall, Head of Clinical Research, MYOTA

Next Steps for Biotech: Harnessing Innovation to Reach Commercialisation
  • How can companies work to ensure a low environmental footprint as the industry scales, given the infrastructure, energy and emissions involved in the process?
  • What developments have there been with enabling technologies such as growth factors and scaffolding? What technologies are still missing?
  • What level of scale will be necessary to reach unit economics for technologies like precision fermentation and cell culturing?
  • Subsidies of animal meat make reaching price parity for novel foods a challenge, should these be reduced or are subsidies for novel foods what’s necessary?
  • What’s the blueprint for successful collaborations and partnerships for taking biotechnology to scale in terms of facilities, infrastructure, and equipment?
  • How can companies meet their scaling needs without the large fundraising rounds of previous years? What is the best way to finance facilities and infrastructure beyond VC funding?

Session Chair:
Amir Zaidman, Chief Business Officer, THE KITCHEN HUB

Friederike Grosse-Holz, Scientific Director, BLUE HORIZON
Guy Nevo Michrowski, Founder & CEO, PROFUSE TECHNOLOGY
Oliver Zahn, Founder & CEO, CLIMAX FOODS

Bioeconomy at Scale: Fermentation-Based Foods & Biomaterials at "Alibaba Prices"

Hear from David Brandes from Planetary as he explores the bioeconomy at scale, addressing how fermentation-based foods can be produced at lower costs reaching closer to price parity.

David Brandes, CEO & Co-Founder, PLANETARY

Roundtable Discussions

Delegates break into small groups to discuss the most critical issues facing the food-tech industry. Each table is hosted by an industry expert, and delegates can choose the topic most relevant to their business.

  • Unlocking the Potential of Synthetic Bio for Food & Ingredients
    Host: Richard Fox, Chief Scientist, INSCRIPTA
  • Trends and Seismic Shifts in Personalised Nutrition
    Host: Mariette Abrahams, CEO & Founder, QINA
  • Leveraging Technology to Innovate, Network & Achieve Success
    Host: Maureen Rousseau Indoe, Global Head of Client Service, MAVEN RESEARCH
  • Funding from Farm to Fork: Supporting Growth Stage Companies
    Host: Marta Laorden Baeza, Director, MCWIN PARTNERS
  • Advancing Cultivated Meat: From Product Development to Regulatory Approval
    Host: Emma Lewis, Chief Product Officer, IVY FARM
  • UK Priorities for Food Tech Innovation Funding
    Hosts: Kathryn Miller, Innovation Lead – Food and Nutrition, INNOVATE UK & Stella Peace, Executive Director Healthy Living and Agriculture, INNOVATE UK
  • Bridging the Gap: Financing Strategies for Scaling Food Production
    Host: Julie Cordes, Principal, BIOINNOVATION INSTITUTE
  • Designing Irresistible Products: Tackling Taste, Nutrition & Variety for Consumer Retention
    Host: Sonia Huppert, Global Innovation Leader, Re-Imagine Protein, IFF
  • Collaboration Blueprint: The Best Recipe for Start-Up & Corporate Partnerships
    Hosts: Hadar Sutovsky, GM, ICL PLANET & Leonardo Alvarez, CEO & Founder, PROTERA
  • Future of Food: Keeping Up With the Evolving Consumer Mindset
    Host: Adam Steel, Global Foresights Manager, MCDONALD’S
  • Latest Insights on the Road Ahead for Alternative Protein
    Host: Cyrille Filott, Global Sector Head for Consumer Foods, RABOBANK
  • The Winning Formula: Investor Advice for Founders
    Host: Mark Durno, Managing Partner AgriFood, ROCKSTART
  • Scaling the Food of the Future: Infrastructure, Strategy & Partnership
    Host: Carrie Woehler, Director of Food, Beverage, and Ingredients Solutions, BLACK & VEATCH
  • Alternative Precision Fermentation Expression Systems & Processes: Is Continuous Fermentation Suitable For All Processes?
    Hosts: Ian Marison, Chief Scientific Officer, PLANETARY & Julian Iacovelli, Director of Business Operations, PLANETARY
Networking Coffee Break
Better-For-You: Delivering Indulgence & Comfort Whilst Reducing Sugar Levels
  • What are the biggest challenges when working to replace or reduce sugar levels, to deliver indulgence and comfort, without compromising taste, mouthfeel or texture?
  • Consumers are looking to make healthier, better-for-you choices when snacking, what innovations can provide natural solutions for sugar replacement?
  • How are brands working to provide reduced sugar offerings across their portfolio, and what technologies are enabling reductions?
  • What role do policymakers play when it comes to addressing sugar consumption?

Session Chair: 
Matt Walker, Managing Director, Food & Agriculture, S2G VENTURES

Todd Rands, President & CEO, ELO LIFE SYSTEMS
Ian Noble, VP R&D – Research, Analytical & Productivity, MONDELĒZ INTERNATIONAL

Corporate Innovation: Collaboration & Partnerships to Strengthen the Ecosystem
  • Given the challenges facing the food-tech ecosystem, how can corporates step in and fill the void, to allow the sector to continue to scale and evolve?
  • How can corporates best collaborate despite an inherently competitive environment? In what ways can players work together to reach common goals, to accelerate innovation, meet sustainability targets and enhance products?
  • What role does Corporate Venture Capital play in bridging funding gaps, and helping technologies such as precision fermentation and cell culturing to scale and reach maturity?
  • What do different collaborative models look like around working with start-ups, in-house R&D functions and university partnerships – and what yields the most success?

Session Chair:
Zbigniew Lewicki, R&D and Sustainability Executive, Ex-UNILEVER, Ex-PEPSI-LIPTON

Caroline Sorlin
, Chief Venture Officer, BEL GROUP
Clément Tischer, Head of Food-Tech, REWE Group
Karina Zimerfeld, Global Vice President of R&D, MARS FOOD & NUTRITION
Olaf Gruess, Director of Partner Development, CARGILL

Close of Day One & Networking Drinks

Friday September 29

Food Security: Targeting Innovation & Investment at Supply Chain Challenges
  • How are large food brands, retailers and ingredient providers working to overcome food insecurity, and how are they partnering across the value chain to reach these goals?
  • How can innovation across the food sector provide stability in the face of supply chain disruption and other factors impacting food security?
  • What role do governments, regulators and investors play, alongside corporates, to ensure the industry is best equipped to tackle the food crisis?
  • What breakthrough technologies are working to solve supply chain challenges whilst keeping food and ingredients affordable and accessible?

Session Chair:
Marie Asano, Partner, ECBF

Martyn Lee, Partner & Executive Chef, Food Innovation, WAITROSE & PARTNERS
Paul Bradley, Senior Director, TRACEGAINS
David Appleton, Deputy Chief Research and Development Officer, SIME DARBY PLANTATION BERHAD
Jack Bobo, Director Food Systems Institute, UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM

Optimising Fermentation: Overcoming Infrastructure Limitations & Increasing Yield
  • In today’s geo-political environment, what does the process of building the infrastructure for fermentation look like?
  • How can the industry overcome current obstacles regarding the amount and capacity of bioreactors? What role do partnerships outside of the traditional food spheres play in solving this limitation?
  • What innovative developments are being made with the bioreactors themselves to tackle the issue of capacity?
  • What role can AI and computational techniques play in de-risking fermentation processes, reducing bottlenecks and accelerating scale?
  • How is functionality and yield being improved and advanced? What impact do these tools and innovations have on the end product?

Session Chair:
Costa Yiannoulis, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SYNTHESIS CAPITAL

Yvonne Armitage, Director of Biotechnology, CENTRE FOR PROCESS INNOVATION (CPI)
Linda Dijkshoorn, CEO & Founder, EV BIOTECH
David Verbitsky, Managing Director, Head of AgTech & Sustainable Food, NOMURA GREENTECH
Alexandre Bastos, Head of Front-End Innovation, GIVAUDAN

Networking Coffee Break
Prioritising Women’s Health & Nutrition: Solutions for Every Stage of Life
  • As an underserved market, women’s health has been rising as a priority. How are companies using food and personalised nutrition to provide innovative solutions to the issues women face, from hormone imbalances to pregnancy and menopause?
  • How are consumers interacting with products already on the market, what do they want from their supplements or personalised platforms?
  • How are large brands and corporates looking at this space, and what are the challenges they face in creating products that tackle these issues?

Session Chair:
Mariette Abrahams, CEO & Founder, QINA

Melissa Snover, Founder, NOURISH3D
Alexandra Boelrijk, Global Senior R&D Director ProActive Health, KERRY

Start-Up Showcase

Hear from the hottest innovators in the future food-tech space, pitching their solutions to a panel of judges – followed by Q&A to delve deeper into their products, strategies, and visions for the future! Hungry for more? Join us in the start-up arena for pitching sessions and start-up focused content.

Hadar Sutovsky, VP External Innovation, ICL GROUP & GM, ICL PLANET STARTUP HUB
Eline Boot, Head of Partnerships for Foodbytes, RABOBANK

Lisa Tammi, Founder and CEO, MELLO
Scott Parkinson, CEO & Founder, AQABELA
Netta Granot, CEO & Founder, EXOSOMM
Nika Pintar, Chief Executive Officer, ANI BIOME

European Spotlight: Accelerating Cell Culturing through Collaboration & R&D
  • With the UK Government funding the Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub, what precedent does this governmental support set for the industry, and how are cell-based players working in collaboration with the initiative?
  • What does the regulatory landscape look like across Europe, with the progress seen by the Dutch Government around cell-based tastings? What precedent does this set for the rest of the region?
  • What developments around cell lines, growth media and scaffolding have been made, and what innovation can help to accelerate scale?
  • How are companies working to improve consumer perception of cell-based products and what messaging resonates best?

Session Chair:
Linus Pardoe, UK Policy Manager, GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE EUROPE

Rhodri Evans, Head of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs, EXPONENT
Artun Sukan, Head of Strategic Partnerships, UNCOMMON BIO

Networking Lunch Break
Step Up to the Plate

Two brands showcase their innovative technologies, cooking their products live on stage. Whilst watching the experts cook, hear from the innovators about how these delicious products are formulated, how best to cook them, and more about their taste and nutritional profiles.

Alan Iván Ramos, CEO, LIBRE FOODS

Consumer Deep Dive: Analysing Trends & Drivers with Data
  • With increasing concerns around the cost-of-living crises across Europe, how is this impacting consumer’s drivers and behaviours when it comes to food?
  • What does consumer interest around alt-protein, nutrition and food as medicine look like and how does this compare to previous years? How are consumers valuing factors like price and sustainability?
  • What tools can help shed insight into these trends and mindsets, and how can innovators across the food-tech space utilise data to best position themselves and better understand the market?
  • What changes have brands, retailers and food service players seen in consumers over the last 12months? What strategies are they putting in place to best connect and resonate with the consumers to increase uptake and retention?

Session Chair:
Elena Devis, Plant-Based Consultant & Advisor

Somsubhra GanChoudhuri, Co-Founder & CEO, AI PALETTE
Sophie Attwood, Senior Behavioral Scientist, WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE
Matt Ring, Director of Global Commercial Operations, DELIVEROO

Financing Food-Tech: Weathering the Storm of 2023 & Preparing for 2024
  • After a period of investor cautiousness, what does the next 12 months look like for food-tech financing?
  • What are investors looking for that differentiates who they’ll be investing in and what emerging technologies are drawing the most interest?
  • When it comes to nutrition, fortification, and food as medicine, what kinds of solutions and innovations are gaining interest?
  • After market corrections and the so called ‘bubble’ bursting for alternative proteins, how can investment be de-risked and re-attract generalists into the food space?
  • With increased interest in climate-tech, how can the food-tech sector ensure that it is positioned to attract capital from this growing group of investors?

Session Chair:
Amanda Donohue-Hansen, Partner, SANDBOX INDUSTRIES

Martin Davalos, Partner, MCWIN PARTNERS
Niccolo Manzoni, Founding Partner, FIVE SEASONS VENTURES
Kiran Sanchit, Managing Director, Head of Food & Agri EME, ING GROUP
Xin Ma, Managing Director, CAPAGRO
Akshat Kshetrapal, Investment Director, DSM-FIRMENICH VENTURING

Close of Summit