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October 17 Morning

Welcome Remarks
Keynote: Sustainability and Consumer Consciousness – How Can the Food Industry Harness this Opportunity?

– How do we define sustainability when it comes to food, and, more importantly, how does the consumer define it?

– How can food brands ensure that we are defining it ‘correctly’, and earning the trust of the consumer?

– To what extent is sustainability impacting purchasing patterns, and how will this evolve over the next 5-10 years? What opportunities does this create for the industry?

– What are the greatest challenges for food brands in ensuring greater sustainability throughout their supply chains? Is this an opportunity for start-ups to differentiate themselves?

Transforming Health Outcomes through Ingredient Innovation

– What solutions are available to reduce, or replace, sugar in beverages and foods without losing taste or texture?

– What are the potential medicinal benefits of CBD as an ingredient? What scientific data is there to back these up and what can currently be claimed?

– How can we continue to offer indulgent treats whilst reducing the health risks associated with consuming them? How will this transform the snacks we know?

– With consumers looking for clean label products, how can food manufacturers balance the need to reduce sugars, salts and fats with delivering a cleaner label?

– What new innovations in biotechnology are paving the way forward and allowing companies to deliver exciting, healthier products?

Fireside Chat: Communicating the Value of Food-Tech to the Consumer

– How should food companies communicate with consumers, and the ecosystem, about new technology?

– How do you create a compelling story when talking about sustainable technology?

– Is there a best practice for introducing future tech to consumers?

– What can we learn from company approaches outside of the food sector about building trust with consumers through new-age technology and mitigating PR disasters?

Networking Coffee Break
How the Words We Use Influence the Foods We Eat
Building Sustainability, Affordability and Desirability in Plant-Based Protein Products

– As the demand for plant-based proteins grows, how can we ensure that supply chains are sustainable?

– What novel plant-protein ingredients are being used to diversify the range of products available and spread the weight of demand? Are we seeing signs of saturation?

– What is the consumer profile for plant-based proteins, and what nutritional value are they looking for?

– What technology is being used to drive down the cost of today’s plant-based protein products and make them accessible to all?

– How has the science behind replicating the texture of meat in plant products developed?

Overcoming Obstacles to Scale for Cellular Agriculture

– How has the science behind structuring cultured meat, fish and dairy developed?

– What are the latest innovations in texture, taste and new product development?

– How far away are we from achieving a similar cost to the production of their natural counterparts?

– What collaborations are needed in achieving sustainable scalability?

– What regions are ahead of the game in this field, and what can we learn from their processes?

– When will investors be ready to take the next step in financing cellular agriculture development?

Networking Lunch Break

October 17 Afternoon

Deep Dive: The State of European Food-Tech in 2019
Fireside Chat: Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Health

– What are the opportunities for food and big pharma to work together?

– As the food industry experiences stronger regulations, what can we learn from big pharma on managing complex control processes, best practices and compliance?

– What advancements have been made in delivering personalised ‘medical foods’ to critically ill or infirm populations?

– What consumer technology is being used successfully to drive habit change?

– What other paths are being explored to work with hospitals and medical clinics to help shift our focus from treatment to prevention?

– Where can food companies not only help, but capitalise on, reducing the unsustainable healthcare costs currently being experienced by governments?

Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present Seven Minute Snapshots of their Solutions
Networking Coffee Break
Blockchain in Action: Towards Traceability Across the Food Supply Chain

– With major food brands and retailers utilising blockchain technology, what have been the principal benefits and hurdles experienced to date?

– How helpful has blockchain been in identifying contaminated products and, in turn, reducing the fallout?

– In practice, what percentage of consumers is using it to make more informed decisions about sustainably-sourced food?

Crystal Ball Session: What Will Retail Look Like in 2030?

– How is AI changing the retail landscape, in terms of customer interaction, retail strategy and supply chain innovation?

– How can retailers exploit the vast amounts of data they collect into valuable opportunities?

– How do we envisage customer interaction over the next decade?

– What will the role of D2C brands be?

– How much investment is actually going back into transforming physical retail spaces?

– What technology is proving to be most successful to understand, and meet, customer expectations?

Roundtable Discussion Groups

One of the most interactive sessions of the programme. The roundtable discussion groups are hosted by an industry expert and offer you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions and share ideas with your peers on similar topics and issues.

Close of Summit and Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two — October 18 Morning

How Are Consumption Habits Changing Our Food System?

– Who is leading the way in innovative, new snacking technology?

– How are organisations responding to changes in consumption occasions?

– How are retailers setting up to work with brands, big or small, and test concepts more efficiently?

– How are start-ups approaching this market, and what can food brands learn from them?

– How are companies successfully ‘demystifying’ millennials, and generation Z? What new food trends and communication channels are driving these generations?

– What will a ‘normal’ diet look like in 10 years’ time?

Personalised Nutrition: In Science and Adoption, Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

– How are we accelerating the adoption of personalised nutrition and moving towards a world where it is a fundamental part of health and diet?

– Which diagnostic technologies are best at identifying individual dietary requirements, and how is this information being translated into products and services?

– How are companies offering personalised advice and products based upon differing individual goals such as performance or weight loss?

– How can food retailers, restaurants and delivery services utilise personalised nutrition solutions to attract and retain customers?

– How are AI and machine learning being employed to deal with the big data derived from the diagnostic tools?

Networking Coffee Break
Our Gut Feeling: The Link Between Microbiome and the Brain

– Can probiotics help with preventing, or improving, mental health?

– What other alternative treatments are currently being studied? How close are we to knowing if these are viable?

– What level of investment is required to speed up this research?

– How can large corporations help to encourage innovation in this field?

– Can altering the bacteria in patients’ guts change the course of their disease?

Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present Seven Minute Snapshots of their Solutions
Networking Lunch Break

Day Two — October 18 Afternoon

Fireside Chat: What Can We Call ‘Meat’?

– How do you define ‘meat’?

– What is the impact associated to calling unconventional products ‘meat’?

– Is there a situation whereby we can create a level playing field or ‘fair’ competition?

– Who are the parties that need to be included in this discussion to ensure the terms are agreeable?

– How does the process in Europe compare to that of the rest of the world?

New Models for Value-Driven Innovation in Big Corporates

– What is the best method to allow innovators to not only thrive in the workplace, but also deliver results?

– How much control is necessary to achieve favourable results?

– When pursing innovative technologies, how does your management of risk differ to standard practices?

Investor Debate: Mapping the Future of Food

To conclude the summit, leading corporate and VC food-tech investors will review the most exciting ideas to emerge throughout the summit and answer the following questions:

– Looking back over the last two days, what are your takeaways? What are the avenues in food technology you most excited about?

– What conversations challenged your stance on a particular issue or idea? Were they successful?

– How can we ensure innovation continues to thrive in Europe and it doesn’t get left behind by a lack of investment ‘firepower’? What can we learn from other regions?

– Where do you see the biggest opportunities for market growth within the global food system over the next year? What will be the ‘hot topics’ next year’s Future Food-Tech Summit will be exploring?

Closing Remarks and Close of Summit

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