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Connecting Global Leaders, Innovators and Investors to Map Out the Future of Food

Future Food-Tech is an international innovation and investment summit held annually in London, San Francisco and New York. Harnessing technology to address the critical issues facing the world’s food industry, the summit brings together global food-tech brands, investors and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of new products and solutions.

Jean-Christophe Flatin
Kristen Weldon
Christine M’rini Puel
Ellen de Brabander

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“The conference was very well structured offering a great bundle of education, networking, and getting to know new disruptive suppliers and competitors. No matter how experienced we are at our business, everyone can learn. The networking was really well orchestrated so everyone had an opportunity to meet and get to know better other people, industry peers, and collaboration is the way to approach networking and get to understand better how others think.”


“If you are a player in food-tech space, Future Food-Tech is the one event you can’t miss; with its top-notch content, attendees, and the best networking in the industry.”


“Future Food-Tech was a peek into the most cutting-edge, thought-leading innovations surrounding food, nutrition, and sustainability. The intersection of various subsegments of the food and health industries powered an enlightening and inspiring conversation.”

Director of Retail Nutrition, KROGER HEALTH

“Future Food-Tech is a gathering of ‘who’s who’ of the food-tech world with a superb selection of companies, investors, and innovators that made for very rich and insightful connections and discussions.”

Head of Future Brands & Investing, SAINSBURY’S

“Future Food-Tech conferences are the most valuable industry events for us. They bring together a smart, robust, and innovative audience and every conference has been a tremendous opportunity to meet experts, learn about important trends, and stay connected with the pulse of the industry.”

Marketing Lead, IBM

“I thought it was a great agenda with some really interesting speakers and useful contacts. So, well worth the time away from my day job… which is always challenging to get away from.”


“I have very much appreciated these two days. Very well prepared and animated! The format was excellent with a good balance between innovators’ and investors’ presentations.”

R&D Director, DANONE

“I really enjoyed the event. Was absolutely worth my time. I enjoyed the day, a fast paced 24h tour d’horizon through the food-tech world – highly informative, insightful, interactive.”

VP Strategy & Business Development, UNILEVER

“Future Food-Tech went extremely well and it was a great forum for both the investor community and innovators to meet, share ideas and lay foundations which will significantly shape the future of food.”

Innovations Projects Director, DSM NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS

The Future Food-Tech summit is a great meeting not only for investors and startups, but in general for all the players in the food-tech sector. The topics presented and discussed are the ones, which will shape the food sectors in the years to come – and therefore the Future Food-Tech summit provides a great forum where companies, investors and startups can discuss on the same eye-height.

Director of Innovation, EIT FOODS

The Future Food-Tech conferences are the most important we attend each year. There is no better event that allows investors, strategic partners and entrepreneurs to connect and confidentially discuss strategies for collaboration.


The Future Food-Tech Summit is the right place to see what’s going on worldwide scale and get new ideas and how you move forward on the right track while providing you the opportunity to identify and connect with right partners whether investors, researchers, accelerators or technology providers.

Programme Manager, BERYTECH

Future Food-Tech brought together the world’s leading food brands in a forum that allowed for deep discussion on the future of our food system. These insights are invaluable to investors as we consider which technologies and products are poised to break through (or not).


This was my first Future Food-Tech event and I was very impressed with the wide range of topics that were covered during the event, from e-commerce to food manufacturing and personalized nutrition. The tech companies’ presentations were very exciting, and I had a chance to make a lot of new connections during the roundtable discussion.


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