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Food Mega Trends

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Food Mega Trends: What consumer and food trends are leading CPG and food brands watching closely? How are they responding to these?

Hosted by Victoria Spadaro Grant, CTO, BARILLA, and CEO & President, BLU1877.

Victoria shared 3 top takeaways from the discussion:

1. Big trends are made of smaller trends that go in either of two directions: (a) extreme indulgency, and (b) naturally healthier alternatives
2. In the Omni channel ecosystem that we find ourselves today, the retailer role will be only further emphasised
3. Taste, convenience and affordability have been, are and will remain as the key pillars for the ‘right to play’. The food ecosystem is getting ready for a closer agricultural-food manufacturing collaboration and partnership, maybe even involving vertical integration.

Join us at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco, March 21-22

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