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Alternative Proteins

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Alternative Proteins: How can the sector successfully solve the challenge of scale? Are non-traditional sources such as algae, seaweed and insects gaining traction?

Hosted by Rosie Wardle, Programme Director, JEREMY COLLER FOUNDATION and Head of Investor Engagements, FAIRR.

Rosie shared 3 top takeaways from the discussion:

1. Challenges to scale are multifaceted. As demand for specific alternative proteins evolves, these proteins are subject to price volatility and unstable supply. Regulation is not keeping up with advances in this space – approval for new proteins is subject to delays and the process is out of sync with the acceleration of innovation in this space.
2. Solutions include better forecasting of demand for products to understand where production needs to scale up. Collaborations between start-ups and food companies is needed to understand better specific protein requirements and how to reach scale more quickly including the use of waste streams and byproducts
3. Given there is a large amount of the plant kingdom currently unexploited in terms of potential functionality and nutritional properties for alternative protein products. Huge opportunities still remain for more fundamental novel protein discovery before scale up

Join us at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco, March 21-22

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