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Health & Food

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Health & Food: How are food companies enhancing the wellness profile of food and bringing healthier snacks to the market?

Hosted by Nigel Hughes, SVP Global Research & Development, KELLOGG COMPANY.

Nigel shared 3 top takeaways from the discussion:

1. Exciting advancements happening with the microbiome. New technologies are creating a link between the microbiome and personalised nutrition
2. Need a reset in thinking. and re-establish the dynamic between key players in the ecosystem. Food companies, government and public should work together to deliver nutritious and healthier foods. Trust has broken down and we need to readdress this
3. Need to take into consideration factors such as occasions, exercise and life stage. How do people eat when there is a special occasion? Do they want to indulge? If so, what are the options? How does exercise impact on lifestyle and diet?

Join us at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco, March 21-22

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