Over the past few months, Puratos have joined forces with Future Food-Tech London to search for technology enabled solutions to enhance gut health.

With 58 entries submitted from all over the world, we are delighted to share the three finalists selected by the Puratos judges to pitch live on stage at the global summit audience of food brands, corporates and investors before the winner is revealed.


Kaffe Bueno is a Danish bioscience company that uses green chemistry and biotechnology to upcycle coffee’s by-products into active and functional ingredients for personal care, nutraceuticals, and functional foods.

Their technology relies on fractionating coffee’s side stream into into main molecular compounds. They then use green chemistry and biotechnology to transform the compounds into different ingredients for foods, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

Read more about Kaffe Bueno by visiting their website here.


FitBiomics decodes the microbiome of elite phenotypes to identify and develop next-gen probiotics for human health and performance applications.

Their first product, Nella, is focused on gut health, currently supporting 1000s of customers with improved digestion and bowel movement, as well as quality of sleep. Their second product, Veillonella, converts lactic acid into short chain fatty acids to promote endurance and anti-fatigue. FitBiomics are currently working to isolate thousands more next-gen microbes to develop programs for strength and recovery.

Read more about FitBiomics on their website here.


BCD is a venture-backed start-up based in California that is that is developing fibre solutions for the food and beverage industries. They have developed a unique platform based around patented food grade technology for the depolymerisation of dietary fibres. Their screening platform has shown that when depolymerised into oligosaccharides, the fibres gain more desirable rheological profiles, while also enhancing their stimulation of the gut microbiome.

BCD has three pillars of technology: the carbohydrate encyclopedia, patented depolymerisation process, and functional screening assays.

Read more about BCD Bioscience on their website here.

The winner will benefit from fantastic growth opportunities, including the chance to pitch for the Sparkalis Food-Tech Venture Fund, access to Puratos R&D capabilities, and senior leadership coaching during a minimum two day internship at Puratos.

Join us this September 22-23 to see the winner crowned live at Future Food-Tech London.


About Puratos

Puratos is a global leader in innovative food solutions for bakery, patisserie and chocolate customers, that promote health & well-being, with the main focus of its research being in gut health.