As we emerge from the current crisis, the need for a more resilient, stronger agri-food supply chain has never been more urgent. Could start-ups provide the answer?

Now more than ever, start-ups are playing a critical role in transforming the food-tech innovation landscape. They have the ability to pivot faster, adapt quickly and develop innovative technologies to offer urgent answers for our food supply chain. Through investment and collaboration, we can support their mission and accelerate their ambitions.

As a proven platform for disruptive start-ups, the Future Food-Tech team will deliver a powerful stage for this year’s crop of ambitious start-ups at the virtual summit on September 17-18.

“Start-ups play a critical role in the future of food. Despite the current challenges, we want to showcase the innovators we believe have the potential to transform our food system and offer new technologies, ripe for investment or looking for partnership opportunities,” says Jet Luckhurst, Start-Up Partnership Manager at Future Food-Tech.

With the support of the EIT Food RisingFoodStars Team and through recommendations from the summit’s esteemed advisory board, virtual Future Food-Tech, September 17-18 will see 15 high-flying start-ups pitch, present and demonstrate their technology.

The entrepreneurs will showcase new solutions in critical areas such as nutrition, health, personalisation, digitisation and plant-based solutions – all of which are a top priority for a stronger and more sustainable food system.

Innovation in Nutrition and Health

“Nature and its microorganisms are the future of production and is already today changing the food supply chains to deliver better, cheaper and significantly more sustainable products. We are super excited to be at the forefront of this evolution with our fermented vitamins and other nutraceuticals and look forward to meet our coming partners at Future Food-Tech.” Martin Plambech, CEO Biosyntia delivering vitamins produced from renewable sugar using a proprietary biological fermentation process.

“Michroma’s technology will disrupt how we source food ingredients, and we are really excited to share our vision at Future Food-Tech to identify and partner with the companies looking for innovation and a healthier and more sustainable food for the future of humanity.” Ricky Cassini, Co-Founder and CEO, Michroma – producing natural ingredients in a sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective way.

“The next generation of the food industry is ‘food that works for me,’ personal and functional nutrition.  Luckily, we live in the age of big data. Consumer segmentation is driven by the affordability of psychological and physiological markers. Another important trend is ‘food for mood’. Super-plants are nature’s best technology, and our innovative ability to combine body & mind creates food with a purpose.” Rachel Yarcony, Founder and CEO at MyAir – specialising in stress-management as a personalised functional-food company.

“In the technology developed and patented by NapiFeryn BioTech, protein is obtained from the material left over after pressing oil from rapeseed.” Magda Kozlowska, CEO, NapiFeryn BioTech – improving life quality using technology to produce natural and functional plant derived proteins.

“NutriLeads is excited to join Future Food-Tech, a great platform to meet the right people from the food companies interested in innovations. We develop natural food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits. Timing is great. Early 2021 we will launch our first ingredient Xtramune in the US, that supports immune function. We welcome food companies and dietary supplement companies interested in Xtramune for their consumer products to get in touch.” Erik Dam, Co-Founder & CBO, NutriLeads – developing innovative natural food ingredients, with clinically proven health benefits.

“Sustainably farmed seaweed provides numerous environmental, social and economic benefits including food security, carbon and nitrogen sequestration, job creation and responsible coastal management.” Karen Scofield Seal, CEO at Oceanium – extracting high demand products from sustainably-farmed seaweed.

“With the increasing demand for sanitation and food safety practices, businesses must introduce tools and procedures that protect their teams and customers. PathSpot provides real-time hand hygiene feedback and equips teams with long-term data to prevent the spread of illness by improving the frequency and quality of handwashing.” Christine Schindler and Dutch Waanders, Co-Founders at PathSpot – protecting users from common illnesses and outbreaks.

Accelerating Plant-Based Products

“InnovoPro is committed to bringing unique plant-based protein ingredients to the global food market in order to create nutritious, tasty, safe and sustainable food products.” Taly Nechushtan, CEO at InnovoPro – driving a chickpea protein revolution.

“MeliBio is re-introducing the 9,000 year old art of honey production, only this time without bees. MeliBio supports a more balanced ecosystem, where native bees thrive.” Darko Mandich, CEO and Co-Founder, MeliBio – realising the future of honey.

“At SavorEat, we bring the future of food to life using innovative technology, and we believe that with a healthy and high quality meat alternative, we will succeed in leading the positive change of reducing meat consumption worldwide.” Racheli Vizman, Co-Founder and CEO at SavorEat – producing a new generation of meat alternative products.

Prioritising Personalisation and Digitalisation

“The Atmo Gas Capsule is a world-first patented solution to accurately profile the gases within the gut, leading to better diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.” Malcolm Hebblewhite, CEO at Atmo Biosciences – accelerating digital health through real-time insights.

“It is time to drive personalised health and nutrition out of its niche and to establish personalisation as a new industry standard to enhance customer experience and quality of life. At LOEWI we are making personalised health and nutrition accessible for everyone through the combination of science and technology.” Adrian Kapsalis, Founder and CEO at LOEWI – recognising nutrient deficiencies for personalised nutrition tailored 100% to the individual consumer.

“We’re the anti-waste company keeping food fresher for longer.” Adam Behrens, CEO and Co-Founder at mori – using a protein from silk to create an all-natural and edible protective layer that keeps food fresher for longer.

“Spoonshot is excited about this new virtual format with the aim of further increasing our solution’s awareness with decision makers who attend Future Food-Tech. Our food innovation intelligence platform helps reduce the cost of innovation research, and increases agility through instant rich insights based upon diverse data sets.” Kishan Vasani, Co-Founder and CEO, Spoonshot – providing personalized insights, where predictions power opportunities, and where novel ideas are the norm.

“Breakfast meeting over zoom. Plant based seafood for lunch. Cocktail kit delivery after work. The food and beverage industry is hyper-fragmented and fast moving; to stay relevant, the way we understand it needs to match. Tastewise gives an unprecedented, holistic view of how consumers are changing the way they order, cook, and eat – and all in real time. Create the right offerings. Tell a powerful story. Win market share.” Alon Chen, CEO and Co-Founder at Tastewise – developing an intelligent platform for NPD and marketing innovation.

Many more gamechanging start-ups will join the virtual Future Food-Tech Summit on September 17-18, which will bring together 800 international food brands, retailers, ingredient manufacturers, technology providers and investors for two days of online networking and knowledge-exchange.