Before Aldo Uva, Chief Innovation & Operations Officer – Head of Americas joins us at Future Food-Tech next month, we were excited to learn more about the future-focused initatives at The LIVEKINDLY Co.

What’s driving your innovation focus at The Live Kindly Co?

The key focus of the plant base industry will be to drive consumers preference and turn the culinary habits of the flexitarians. This is why the R&D Team at the LIVEKINDLY co. is  focused  on 4 key streams:

  1. Balanced nutrition
  2. Organoleptic superiority
  3. Quality, traceability  and Integrity of the key raw materials input
  4. Agri Precision

What new trends or innovations are on the horizon for the space? In your opinion, what could be the next plant-based health trend / new process or technology to transform the plant-based sector?

The plant based approach is what will determine and shape the future of food. The current food supply chains are not sustainable and are not calling for an equitable distribution of the wealth that the food industry generates.

Humanity well-being, planet health and agriculture wealth are 3 key vectors that will shape the food industry of tomorrow.

New ingredients need to be discovered, artificial intelligence and machine learning should drive the work of the food labs and new processing technologies should evolve the make of the products (less energy, less processed).

The innovative approach that the LIVEKINDLY co. is bringing forward is based on the full mastering of the value chain starting from the upstream.

How do you think the global pandemic is change the future of food and the plant-based sector? (over the short, medium and long-term)

The pandemic has shown clearly that the current food supply chain is broken. We need to focus on shorter supply chains, we need to create conditions to have the food as a key protagonist of the fight against NCDs and we need to have consumers understanding the importance of a new, healthier and more sustainable life style.

The pandemic has lighted all the current deficiencies of the food industry. Is the Plant Base Food approach the solution? This is to be seen and this is in the hands of the key players on this newly created industry. If we don’t  focus on profit as the primary goal but we focus on being a force for good, then we could change the current situation. This is why, purposely created organisation as the LIVEKINDLY collective, have a big opportunity to drive the change.

How do partnerships and collaboration fit into your innovation strategy? Can you give any examples?

Open innovation, pre-competitive platform projects are the way to a different approach to innovation. It is clear that if we continue to be closed to our silos we will never generate the impact that the world is looking for. To work on innovative production processes without including the current specialists in production, to work on A.I. applied to formulations without involving companies that are well advanced in this field, to develop new Agri projects without involving the key protagonist of these field, means to negate the essence of Innovation.

Why is your panel discussion ‘Bleeding Edge: Latest Innovations in Plant-Based Product’ an important discussion to be having for the industry?

Understanding the dynamics of the industry from different perspectives, penetrating the logic of the different players and Leaders , being confronted with opportunities and the hurdles, it will give an undisputed, fresh and different look at this new Industry. It is a unique opportunity to have around the same virtual table thought leaders and listen to their perspectives. It will be a privilege for me to chair the discussion and for the audience to be exposed to such talented individuals.

Who are you looking forward to connecting with at Future Food-Tech?

People that are challenging the status quo, people that are setting bold visions, organisations that have in their Agenda to become exponential by targeting massive transformational goals, everybody that believes that the future of food is the interaction among: ingredients, technology and consumers.