We spoke with José Luis Cabañero, Founder and CEO of Eatable Adventures on how the food supply chain is transforming in the current climate and how Eatable Adventures is working with start-ups to accelerate growth in the industry.

What is your mission, a key challenge or opportunity you are focused on? What’s driving your innovation focus?

Eatable Adventures is solely dedicated to nurture the future food businesses. This involves not just start-up development but to help corporations transition to a cope with the new demands the market is presenting. We are helping start-ups and corporations get together in a unique way to help innovation thrive and offer a better food future for everyone.

What area of food-tech is most exciting to you right now and why?

José Luis Cabañero, Founder and CEO, Eatable Adventures

Food-tech is deeply transforming several areas of the agri-food space; it’s hard to choose a single one. We are truly excited about the impact fermentation will have in alternative protein production, lipids and ingredients biosynthesis. The ecological impact that these technologies will have in reduced deforestation, reduced carbon footprint in the food value chain and even in atmospheric carbon capture to produce lipids and proteins are simply amazing.

How do you think the current global pandemic will change the future of food?

Nutrition and sustaining the food chain is vital for our society, and the past few months have seen a fundamental forced shift in the consumption patterns. The food chain has proven vital for us and has demonstrated its resiliency, pointing out the areas for improvement.

The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating all aspects of this segment, from a faster penetration of more convenient retailing (off and online) to a rethinking of the supply chain and the technologies supporting it to make it more reliable and safe and the increase in cleaner and healthier food items. Every aspect of the value chain is accelerating.

Why is it important that the Future Food-Tech is taking place this September for the global food-tech ecosystem?

Now more than ever we need to think ahead and define how we are working to improve the food system to cope with increased healthy and nutritious food production while reducing the impact on our natural resources.

Eatable Adventures is a Marketing Partner for the virtual Future Food-Tech Summit and José Luis will be hosting an important roundtable to discuss corporate innovation.

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