Later this month, Givaudan will be joining us at Future Food-Tech as we prioritise the plant-based sector as an important discussion for the industry. We were pleased to catch up with Sylvian Jouet, GPM Meat Substitutes, Fish and Seafood at Givaudan to learn their latest developments.

What new trends or innovations are on the horizon for the space? In your opinion, what could be the next plant-based health trend / new process or technology to transform the plant-based sector?

The alternative protein sector has gone beyond a mega trend into a disruptive shift in consumer behaviour. We believe it is here to stay and will become part of the established pattern of consumption for many consumers. To meet this demand food companies will be looking for the next new protein and our research in 2019 with the University of Berkeley looked at the top plant protein sources that could support this demand. We expect to see a continuing increase in new product development in meat replacement products and for certain, vast development in plant-based fish and seafood, an important area of focus for us and a topic we’ll be publishing a white paper on during September. And importantly, there is an underlying goal to create healthier products, particularly those that are lower in salt, fat and calories.

How do partnerships and collaboration fit into Givaudan’s innovation strategy? 

Food and drink companies are increasingly aware of the need for collaboration to accelerate innovation, push creativity, and occasionally address the big challenges facing our industry. No one company can solve these alone and so we have built a strategy on partnering with the best and brightest minds in the industry. We believe that by working together we can all be faster and more effective. In the plant-based space we have some exceptional partners: in academia we have ongoing relationships with University of California, Berkeley and Wageningen University in the Netherlands through Plant Meat Matters. In the startup world we have a great collaborations with a number of companies including Redefine Meat in Israel who is making an unbelievable plant-based, 3D printed alt-steak; Terviva, a company based in Oakland, CA who has developed the first of its kind plant-based protein from Pongamia extract; and Innovopro, to co-create plant-based food concepts in dairy and savoury leveraging the CP Pro 70 chickpea protein and Givaudan Taste Solutions.

Why is your roundtable discussion ‘Plant-Based Innovation: What are the latest technologies balancing nutrition, taste and texture?’ an important discussion to be having for the industry?

Plant-based innovation is one of the most interesting, disruptive and largest areas of growth in food and beverages. Consumers all around the world are focused on healthier foods, ethics often related to animal welfare, and sustainability. In this time of COVID, interest in overall well-being is absolutely top of mind and plant-based products are included in this thinking. This discussion is about getting the key attributes of plant-based products right so they are able to satisfy customer needs properly; what could be more interesting?!

Alexandre Bastos, Global Director Innovation will host a roundtable discussion at Future Food-Tech this September 17.