Eagle Genomics is driving a digital reinvention of life sciences through R&D. We were pleased to speak to their CEO, Anthony Finbow to learn more about their innovation focus, cheallenges and opportunities.

Find more about how they are helping customers translate complex microbiome and multi-omics data into actionable insights and their commitment to solving grand challenges through data-driven discovery. We will be hearing more from Anthony Finbow at the upcoming Future Food-Tech summit as he joins a live panel discussion committed to building resilience and improving health with functional ingredients

What’s driving your innovation focus at Eagle Genomics?

Eagle Genomics’ mission is to enable the digital reinvention of life sciences R&D, we’ve chosen to pay a particular focus to the microbiome because of its vast potential impact across a wide range of industries, including food and agriculture. We believe that understanding the microbiome and its interactions with the host, be that human/animal or soil/water, will ultimately transform our relationship with food and its impact on our physical health, mental health, wellbeing and the environment.

In the wider data management context, we know that organisations are currently challenged with capturing relevant knowledge from the vast and growing quantities of life sciences data – we want to turn that data into tangible value. We’re helping our customers translate complex microbiome and multi-omics data into actionable insights that inform the development of functional foods and sustainable agricultural products.

How is Eagle Genomics driving a digital reinvention of life sciences through R&D? Can you give any examples?

Organisations in food, agritech, personal care and healthcare are using our data management and knowledge discovery platform, the e[datascientist], to explore the connections between data entities from disparate public and proprietary datasets. The platform applies knowledge graph, AI and unique valuation technology to reveal areas and entities of interest beyond the tacit knowledge of a scientist or team of scientists to spark novel insights and drive innovation. The platform then enables further exploration, analysis and collaboration around those new insights to drastically increase the efficiency of the innovation cycle, reducing product time to market. The outcome for our customers is: more efficient R&D teams and processes bringing more innovative, differentiated and efficacious products to market in less time.

We are currently deploying our platform at Cargill to advance their understanding of the complex association between the microbiome and digestive and immune health in humans and animals.

Where are the challenges and opportunities to develop and bring novel bioactive ingredients to market? How can we communicate their benefits to the consumer?

There are significant opportunities to bring novel bioactive ingredients to the market – our platform is helping organisations achieve this by rethinking product innovation and claims by connecting and exploring multidimensional data. Our platform is enabling novel claims from data associations not discoverable by humans, transforming the approach to insight generation from descriptive to multi-causal analysis. We strongly believe that understanding complex network systems allows for substantiated claims, for which evidence and interpretability is critical.

With fully substantiated scientific product claims that consider the relationships between multiple human systems and processes such as microbiome, genomics, metabolic and immune systems etc., companies can confidently communicate a wider range of benefits to customers.

Why is your panel discussion ‘Building Resilience and Improving Health with Functional Ingredients‘ an important discussion to be having for the industry?

At Eagle Genomics, we’re committed to solving grand challenges through data-driven discovery and are ultimately working towards the goal of solving illness. The challenging times we have experienced recently have highlighted the important role of food in our overall health and resilience. We believe a proactive approach to health and wellbeing through functional food and diet, instead focusing on reactive drug treatments, is crucial if we are to see a future in which health and social care systems are not overwhelmed. Food companies have the opportunity and responsibility to help societies become more resilient to health crises such as COVID-19 and we’re excited to support them in this new frontier for food innovation.

Who are you looking to connect with at Future Food-Tech?

We’re looking forward to meeting and sharing ideas with leading industry voices as we collectively tackle the challenges and exciting opportunities in food and sustainable agriculture. We’re looking to connect with companies wanting to enhance and evolve their digital R&D practices to stimulate innovation, increase the efficiency of their teams to deliver leading edge, sustainable functional food products to their consumers. We’d also like to meet any potential collaborators, innovation partners or data providers to further enhance the reach and capabilities of our platform.

Anthony will join the panel discussion: Building Resilience and Improving Health with Functional Ingredients at Future Food-Tech on September 17-18.

Learn more about Eagle Genomics at: eaglegenomics.com