Ahead of her presentation at the Future Food-Tech Summit, Sara De Pelsmaeker, Global Business Development Manager, from Rousselot shares the thorough research process behind developing collagen peptides and how they propose to raise awareness and credibility of their benefits.

Rousselot’s vision is to be the global leader in collagen-based solutions to sustain people’s health and well-being. How are you planning to achieve this?

Sara De Pelsmaeker, Global Business Development Manager, Rousselot Health & Nutrition

At Rousselot, innovation is at the core of what we do. Our R&D is working continuously on discovering different functionalities of collagen peptides either for beauty,

sport, mobility or beyond and support that with scientific proof. Our food scientists in our application lab are developing new recipes and ideas to incorporate our ingredients in working applications being it in food, pharma or biomedical. Next, our quality department and pilot are working hand in hand with our production facilities to be more efficient and effective. Finally, our commercial team, our front-face of the company is equipped with people who thrive when they can help customers in their growth. And most importantly, we all do this as a team with one goal in mind, providing the best product to shape the future in food, pharma and biomedical.


Increasingly more and more studies are highlighting the connections between collagen products & supplements and supporting mobility, sports recovery, healthy ageing and lifestyle of consumers. In your opinion, what untapped potential does collagen have to disrupt the health and nutrition space? What are you prioritising at Rousselot to achieve this potential?

First of all, we want to create awareness on collagen peptides not being an ordinary protein by showing the functionalities in clinical studies. Second, we listen to science, to the market and to final consumers, and then we see that we have only just uncovered a tip of the iceberg of what collagen peptides can do for the human body. Next to clinical studies, we also run fundamental studies that help us achieve a complete and solid understanding of our collagen products including the 2020 publication on demonstrating the bioavailability of our collagen peptides. This helps us keep progressing and innovating as the leader of collagen-based solutions.

Our mission is simple, see where the data brings us and follow our innovation team in uncovering more of the iceberg. Healthy ageing and wellbeing are such a broad topic that next to sports, beauty and mobility, there are still many ways in which collagen peptides can make a different in our daily lives.


What role do partnerships and collaborations play in Rousselot’s innovation and growth strategy? Can you share any recent success stories?

At Rousselot we understand that even as the world leader in collagen-based solutions, we cannot change the world. We are a part of a larger picture to increase wellbeing and healthy lifestyle of every human being. However, since that is our vision, we strongly believe that by partnering with other players, we can get closer to realising that vision. We co-brand with customers to help them communicate on the scientific proof of collagen peptides and give their consumers a peace of mind by knowing that the collagen ingredient is a trusted, quality and safe ingredient brand, helping the customers create a credible image in the supplement market. We also partner with, for example, High Performance Centre Papendal in the Netherlands where athletes are being trained for competitions including the Olympics, helping us to understand the daily effect of our products with sports people.


The team at Rousselot will join us at Future Food-Tech on September 30-October 1. Who are you and the team looking forward to connecting with and hearing from?

As global business development for the Health & Nutrition business, I thrive by making connections, by learning something new and explaining what we do. I want to connect with people and companies who are also true believers of open innovation and cocreation even between big companies. This can only happen if you have a common view on things. For us that is building a future where nutrition is seen as preventative and on the forefront of health and wellbeing.


You will be joining us at Future Food-Tech to present ‘At the Intersection of Food and Pharma: Prevention Through Nutrition’. Why is this an important and timely topic? Can you share any insights on what you will be presenting at the summit?

Covid-19 has shaken us all up. We have seen that people with underlying conditions such as diabetes and obesity, were more prone to be highly affected by the virus. Seeing that the medical world was not always able to help people, we need to start looking beyond the medical world to assure and maintain our health. I think the time has come to open the door for nutrition as a preventative step in healthy lifestyle. It is a momentum to not only create awareness with consumers but also to create the products needed for healthy nutrition.


Sara will present ‘At the Intersection of Food and Pharma: Prevention Through Nutrition’ at the upcoming Future Food-Tech Summit on September 30 – October 1.