NutriLeads is a pre-commercial health ingredients company that develops crop-derived food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits. They are joining the upcoming Future Food-Tech summit and will showcase their solution at the virtual TechHub.

We were keen to learn how their portfolio of health ingredients are disrupting the industry, their ambition and who they are looking forward to connecting with at the summit.

Can you tell us a bit more about NutriLeads, and how you are disrupting the food-tech industry?

NutriLeads, established in 2012, wants to help people strengthen their health with nutrition.  In order to do so we unlock the goodness of crops by transforming their natural, functional compounds into sustainable, innovative ingredients with clinically proven relevant health benefits. We partner with food and dietary supplement companies to bring our health ingredients to the consumers.

How is NutriLeads identifying and developing natural ingredients with proven health benefits to strengthen their health? Can you give any examples?

Nutrileads is building a portfolio of health ingredients based on a specific fibre compound (RG-I) that has unique properties as shown in pre-clinical and clinical studies. All ingredients undergo an extensive research program including clinical trials to demonstrate their efficacy in improving human health and are taken through regulatory approval ready for market access. The first health ingredient, Xtramune, focused on supporting immune function and improving resistance to respiratory infections, is planned for US market launch in 2021. In total, more than 800 subjects have so far participated in the clinical research program. Other ingredients of the portfolio focus on gut health and metabolic health

What advice would you give to an emerging start-up who has a vision, like you do, to transform the sector? What could they gain from attending the Future Food-Tech summit?

Each start-up serious about food innovation should consider attending the Future Food-Tech summit, which is a great platform to meet the right people from the food companies interested in innovations. In addition, it also provides the opportunity to learn from other start-ups and get inspired by their success.

You are joining us as a TechHub at Future Food-Tech in September. Who are you looking to connect with? Who are you looking forward to meet?

NutriLeads seeks food and dietary supplement companies, interested in adding our Health Ingredients and specifically Xtramune focused on strengthening immune function to their own consumer products, to discuss co-development and commercialisation opportunities. We would also welcome to connect to ingredient suppliers to discuss longer-term opportunities.

What’s next for NutriLeads?

Nutrileads will bring its first health ingredient, Xtramune to the US market next year. In addition to commercialisation of Xtramune, we will further substantiate the benefits related to immune function and improving resistance to respiratory infections with additional clinical trials. Furthermore, we will continue development of our portfolio of ingredients focused on other health benefits, being gut health and metabolic health.

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