Rosie Wardle, Investor and Costa Yiannoulis, Investment Director at CPT Capital shared their insights on the food-tech investment landscape. They will be joining us at Future Food-Tech on September 17-18 as a roundtable host and session moderator.

“COVID-19 has exposed the myriad fragilities within the current food system, and particularly within the animal protein supply chain. And with 75% of all new human pathogens caused by animals, it’s no surprise that the animal protein sector is now being scrutinised as a driver of future pandemic risk.

Food security, food safety, and supply chain resilience are all now key issues that must be addressed by governments around the globe. The scene is set for a watershed moment for companies who are innovating to solve these challenges, and it is exciting to see the pace of innovation picking up in the food sector.

From 3D bioprinting to cultivated meat, we believe that the next five years will bring the biggest revolution the food sector has ever seen, and thereby one of the most compelling investment opportunities of our time. We’re excited to join the conversation at Future Food-Tech and to discuss the latest developments in the sector!”

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