ICL Group look forward to the Future Food-Tech Summit in London

We caught up with Hadar Sutovky, VP External Innovation, ICL Group, ahead of her involvement in the summit this September.

What are your innovation priorities at ICL Group?

ICL Group is committed to creating responsible solutions for humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and Industrial markets. ICL Planet Start-up Hub is the vehicle in which ICL cultivates, nurtures, and accelerates innovation and technologies in the AgriFood tech ecosystem. We seek to invest in disruptive food-tech companies in the areas of: Alternative proteins, Natural ingredients, Plant-based functional ingredients, and White biotechnology.

Why are you looking forward to speaking at Future Food-Tech?

For me, speaking at Future Food-Tech is beneficial in a variety of ways, it provides a fast track to exposure, opportunities, and connections. Since Future Food-Tech is a key event, that’s my fast track to meeting new people, peers, subject matter experts, and it’s also an amazing platform to share my ideas on food-tech investments and experiences with others.

Why is the summit a timely and important occasion to bring senior food-tech leaders together?

The Future Food-Tech summit is an important platform in our industry where we can hear about food innovation, new techniques, innovative technologies, and unpublished data. It’s also a great opportunity to learn from food-tech thought leaders that we may not have previously heard of. Personally, it gives me as an investor the opportunity to talk to young entrepreneurs one-on-one about what they are working on in their start-ups and set ground to future collaboration.



About ICL Group: ICL is a leading global specialty minerals company that creates impactful solutions for humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets.

The company’s unique set of natural resources, passionate team of talented employees, and technological ingenuity, create impact by scaling up food production, ensuring food quality, enabling sustainable agriculture and industrial production, and protecting the environment.