Gullspång Re:food invests in Swedish food waste reducing e-commerce platform, Matsmart/Motatos

Food waste along the supply chain is one of the most pressing challenges of today’s food system. The economic loss of food waste equals $1.15 trillion each year with land use equal to the size of China. Solutions aimed at reforming today’s linear food supply chains into circular models can yield tremendous environmental, social, and financial returns.

One of the most promising companies dedicated to reducing food waste by optimizing supply chains is Matsmart/Motatos. We have been following their journey since 2015 and are proud to announce them as our latest investment.

Matsmart/Motatos is one of the first companies to successfully transform the food waste challenge into new revenue streams at a meaningful scale. The company takes care of food that otherwise would have been wasted from producers and sell it to consumers through their e-commerce platform. This allows consumers to buy food that otherwise would have gone to waste at affordable prices while producers make money by reducing their food waste.

This investment aligns with one of our key investment themes aimed at transforming linear and wasteful supply chains into circular resource-efficient models that minimizes lost nutrients, materials, and energy.

Family-owned Gullspång Invest has a track record of investing in innovative companies contributing towards a more resilient food system (e.g. Oatly and NICK’s). The newly formed subsidiary Gullspång Re:food exclusively invests in solutions seeking to reform the food system into a sustainable and resilient state.

Re:food’s investment themes are circular supply chains, healthy diets, regenerative farming, and alternative proteins and fats.

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