27 featured start-ups trailblazing the field of food-tech as we know it will present their ground-breaking solutions live in London at Future Food-Tech on September 22-23.

The summit is renowned as a key discovery platform to meet exciting early-stage food-tech companies seeking new connections, investment and collaborations among the investment and global food community.

Callum Alexander-Lindsay, Start-Up Partnerships Manager for the Future Food-Tech series comments: “We are experiencing dramatic shifts, whether climate change or conflict affecting supply chains. It is so exciting to bring together such an exciting cohort of mission-driven start-ups set to revolutionise how we eat. Being in this crowd offers a good deal of hope!”


Start-Up Showcase – “Gone in 60 Seconds”

In a pitch session where the summit audience decide the outcome, six start-ups have one minute each to present their solutions before the audience votes for their three favourites to go through to the final with questions from judges from StartLife and ICL Planet.

  • Agrain by Circular Food Technology uses unique and patented processes to develop aromatic and highly nutritious ingredients with unmatched low CO₂ emissions and zero land use.
  • Hyfé Foods uses a fermentation process that upcycles wasted sugar water from food manufacturers to make protein-rich, low-carb mycelium flour products.
  • Inulox is developing an active food ingredient that converts 30% of ingested sugar from foods into a vegetable fibre after consumption.
  • Lypid is creating a line of fats made from vegan oils that can be tuned to precise textures and melting points, adding flavour and juiciness to plant-based meat.
  • Mimica is on a mission to radically reduce unnecessary food waste caused by overcautious expiry dates. Its first product, Mimica Touch provides an accurate, real-time indication of the product’s freshness.
  • Paleo develops meat and fish proteins identical to their animal counterparts to improve plant-based meat and fish alternatives through precision fermentation.

Start-Up Exhibition – The Tech Hub

  • Ansā coffee-roasting technology enables non-industrial roasting at the point of consumption that is 100% automatic, rapid, and clean – a viable and sustainable alternative to industrial roasting. They’ll be demonstrating their micro-roaster at their booth with coffee tastings.
  • Mimic Seafood creates and commercialises plant-based seafood using clean label, all natural ingredients that consumers are familiar with. Sample their plant-based seafood at their booth and in the summit menu.
  • NUProtein has created a non-GMO protein synthesis system, breaking the cost barrier of producing cultivated meat and fish.
  • Reshape Biotech is building the next generation of lab automation robots to automate the monitoring of microbial growth, giving researchers a precise picture of growth behaviour through a time-lapse video.
  • Seppure uses unique and proprietary chemical-resistant nanofiltration membranes to separate mixtures at a molecular level, transforming separation and purification processes.

On the Main Stage

  • Basecamp Research discovers and develops high-performance proteins for customers across food, health, materials, and more. Co-Founder Oliver Vince will host the roundtable discussion: Inspiration from Nature: Where Will The Next Generation Of Functional Foods Come From?
  • SuperMeat works to supply the world with high quality meat grown directly from animal cells. Co-Founder & CEO, Ido Savir, joins the Protein Production Debate: Which Technologies Have the Fastest Route to Commercialisation? and hosts the roundtable discussion: Making Cultivated Meat Commercially Viable Tomorrow.
  • Kern Tec refines fruit stones into high-quality products such as new baking ingredients, sustainable oils and a plant-based milk alternative. Founder & Managing Partner, Luca Fichtinger, presents: Our Food Waste Issue: How Upcycling Will Change Our Diet and joins the EIT RisingFoodStars co-hort. Taste Kern Tec’s chocolate spread and alternative milk on the summit menu.

EIT RisingFoodStars Featured Start-Ups

The RisingFoodStars Association is a network organisation of game changing early agri-food scale-ups, helping them grow and scale faster. EIT brings a cohort of European innovators to the summit to exhibit their solutions:

  • Aliga Microalgae develops, produces and commercialises protein-rich and functional Chlorella algae ingredients for food and supplement applications.
  • Completeorganics creates handmade fermented organic vegetables, full of microbiotic life and additive free.
  • Kyanos creates the next generation of food supplements, using microalgae to develop targeted products that enhance human health.
  • Multus Media optimises a variety of growth factor proteins to meet the requirements for growing different animal cell types and tissues at scale, making cultivated meat affordable and profitable.
  • NEMIS Technologies offers a rapid and cost-effective lab-free screening tool to detect outbreaks in food processing environments.
  • Verdify develops innovative software for personalising online meal inspiration, enabling people to make better food choices for personal health and the world.
  • Volare helps food manufacturers and processors reach their sustainability targets by upcycling their side streams back into the food chain as high-quality protein and lipid ingredients.

Innovation Challenge

Three start-ups selected by Puratos for its Innovation Challenge: ‘Technology-Enabled Solutions to Enhance Gut Health’ will pitch in the live final:

  • BCD Bioscience identifies novel sources of unique carbohydrates, applying proprietary depolymerisation technology to enhance human health through modulation of the gut microbiome and its metabolism.
  • FitBiomics decodes the microbiome of elite phenotypes to develop next-gen probiotics for human health and performance applications.
  • Kaffe Bueno uses green chemistry and biotechnology to upcycle coffee by-products into active and functional ingredients for personal care, nutraceuticals, and functional foods.

Innovator Experiences

  • Algenuity Ingredients produce next-generation algae plant-based protein, including exciting new varieties of Chlorella microalgae. Taste their brownies on the summit menu.
  • Resugar uses innovative technology to reimagine the future of sweet. Its replacement solutions replicate the taste and properties of sugar while eliminating all of its harmful effects. Resugar samples will be served throughout the conference.
  • Steakholder Foods (recently rebranded from MeaTech), the pioneers in the cell-based and 3D printed steaks, will be live-demonstrating their 3D printer in action on their booth.


Join the featured start-ups and many more at Future Food-Tech London on September 22-23, spotlighting the new technologies and partnerships that are building healthier and more sustainable food systems. The full programme with start-up profiles and delegate registration are available at www.futurefoodtechlondon.com.