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One of the most interactive sessions of the programme! Hosted by an industry leader, it was a valuable opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and network with other delegates focused on the same issue.
11 hosts shared their 3 takeaways:

Ingredient Innovation >

Ingredient Innovation: How are food brands diversifying their product portfolios and what novel ingredients and technologies are in demand? Hosted […]

Disruptive Technology >

Disruptive Technology: What’s tipped to be the next area of tech innovation for 2019 and beyond? Where do we need […]

Food Mega Trends >

Food Mega Trends: What consumer and food trends are leading CPG and food brands watching closely? How are they responding […]

Alternative Proteins >

Alternative Proteins: How can the sector successfully solve the challenge of scale? Are non-traditional sources such as algae, seaweed and […]

Retailer of the Future >

Retailer of the Future: How is technology changing the way retailers operate and how are new innovations influencing consumer demand […]

Digitisation >

Digitisation: What key factors are driving the application of big data, AI and digital transformation in food? Hosted by Dan […]

Plant-Based and Clean Meat >

Plant-Based & Clean Meat: Obstacles ahead – How can we overcome the next set of challenges and propel these meat […]

Impact Investment >

Impact Investment: What makes an attractive investment opportunity for an impact VC and how does it differ from traditional VC? […]

Food-Tech Bubble >

Food-Tech Bubble: Are we facing an oversupply of capital when some food startups are struggling to generate revenue? How can […]

Solving the Food Loss Problem >

Solving the Food Loss Problem: What innovations and solutions are needed? How big is the market opportunity and which main […]

Health & Food >

Health & Food: How are food companies enhancing the wellness profile of food and bringing healthier snacks to the market? […]

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